Rik de Jager is an interior architect and architectural designer educated at the School of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Over the years he has successfully created and realised a wide variety of designs. His work is characterized by tranquility, spaciousness, harmony and symmetry, with great respect for the living or working environment and how his client utilises the space. Rik de Jager excels in his ability to translate wishes and possibilities into thoughtful designs with clear and accurate drawings.With his background as a skilled craftsman cabinet-maker, custom furniture is often featured in Rik’s designs, perhaps complimenting existing furniture.


In addition to interiors, the exterior design, such as building extensions and the modification of facades, may safely be entrusted to Rik’s care. Whether it's a complete or partial renovation, such as a lighting plan or the design of a kitchen or a reception room, Rik de Jager’s skilled, professionalism, pleasant cooperative manner and infectious enthusiasm will ensure the best results are pursued for you.


Rik de Jager can manage the complete design and construction process for you but if you prefer, there are a range of individual services available:

- Schedule of Requirements in collaboration with client

- Analysis and drawings of existing situation

- Floor and space planning

- Liaison with Local Council, Planning and Building Control Authorities

- Conceptual sketch design

- Preliminary design

- Final design

- Consulting engineers

- Planning application drawings and structural calculations

- Material and colour proposals

- Lighting Plan and fixtures and fittings proposal